Phu Quoc Island


Phu Quoc is a peaceful tropical paradise, floats in the warm turquoise waters in the Gulf of Thailand, 50kms from the Vietnamese mainland and a 50 minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). The island has recently been cherry-picked as one of the lost paradises found at 10 unassuming beaches around the world, according to the Singaporean newswire AsiaOn.

As of 01 November 2014, direct flight to Phu Quoc will be operated from Singapore and Siem Reap by Vietnam Airline, with two flights from Singapore and three flights from Siem Reap per week.

Earlier, from 10 March this 2014, Vietnamese nationals holding foreign passports and foreigners and can enjoy visa exemption for stays of less than 30 days on Phu Quoc. Besides, foreigners who enter Vietnam via either an international airport or an international port and then come to Phu Quoc can also enjoy the visa exemption policy.


Open year round with best time to travel from November to March, let’s experience Phu Quoc with its:  

*        Stunning beaches, untouched natural environment

   *  Easy going and relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals,

  *  Fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling! 

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