Dien Bien Phu


Dien Bien was the scene of the siege in 1954 that once was the battlefield where historical combats between the Vietnamese People Army and the French Colonialists Expeditionary Corp took place. The victory after 55 days and nights of an extremely heroic struggle finally ended French colonialism in Indochina.
Besides visiting the Dien Bien Phu museum, Him Lim hill, the underground shelter of the French commanding General De Castre. Dien Bien Phu now bears few scars except for the occasional scattered tank to bear witness to its horrendous past, though it is still one of the remotest areas you could visit. You can also visit the Thai minority people in the nearby villages. The hill tribes living around the area of Dien Bien Phu include the Black Thai, Nung, Meo, Lao and others.