Cu Chi tunnel


70 km Northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, with 250 km long and three levels deep, today the remaining of Cu Chi tunnels have become a major tourist attraction giving the visitor a unique experience of what underground life in the American war was like.  The tunnels have been widened for our benefit (otherwise we would not be able to enter them!) For those interested, there's even the opportunity to fire off rounds from an  AK47 (Russian machine gun) or an M16 (U.S  made). There is also short movie footage about the intricate tunnel after the tour.

Cu Chi is not only an military base, but an complex which included meeting halls, kitchens, food storage, medical operating rooms, trapdoors, weapon factories, and even entertainment room. This is a symbol of Vietnam's continual fight against foreign oppression and imperialism. The tunnel system were originally constructed in the 1940s to give a peasant army a means of communication between villages in the fighting against the French whilst remaining undetected. In 1960 the Viet Cong repaired and added to the tunnels to fight against the South Vietnamese and American forces.