Can Tho


Cantho, Vietnam one of the largest cities of the country, is practically considered the ‘capital’ of Mekong Delta. It is connected to the other towns of the Delta by an extensive system of rivers and canals. The Mekong river is particularly wide there. Can Tho is one of the most attractive delta towns but as in the rest of the Mekong Delta, the best sights are on the water. It is wonderful to take a boat trip along the riverbanks on fine weather days to see the multitude of tropical fruit orchards. One of the most interesting sights in the Delta are the floating markets and associated river life. Near Can Tho, there are many floating markets including Cai Rang Market, Phong Dien Market, Phung Hiep Market... which are well worth an early morning visit. A spectacular sight outside of town is the stork garden at Thot Not where hundreds of egrets, herons and cormorants gather in the treetops to roost late in the afternoon. 

Being the gateway to the paradise of Mekong Delta, Vietnam, practically no other urban city in Vietnam can match Can Tho in terms of its spectacular landscape. Bustling with life and color, Cantho is like a painter’s stroke on the canvas of Vietnam. You must visit this place, one of the most frequented of the Vietnam popular destinations.

In spite of being a prime urban area, Cantho’s picturesque location in the midst of meandering rivers, is what makes it a haven for tourism. Canal tours, the floating markets, the nearby villages, parks and other prominent attractions, the city offers plenty.