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Tra Que - a little charming village lies on the edge of Hoi An, It is named after the sweetly scented vegetable. these vegetables not only make the Pho Hoi ‘s meals more sweet with different flavour but also make Hoi An ‘specialities such as Cao Lau, Quang Noodle more memorable...

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Cham museum and Marble Mountains are the two of the most highlight sightseeing places of Da Nang. Cham museum founded in 1915 and was first named Henry Parmenties. The open-air Cham Museum was built according to ancient motifs of Champa architecture.

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Cham islands is the biggest island among group of seven islands, approximately 15km from shore. They have good climate, cool the year round, trees and animals as well as marine life are plentiful here.

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Discover a former hill colony of the French since 1919 on a tour of Da Nang Ba Na Mountains. Ride the cable car to the summit of the mountain and experience the atmosphere of the natural surroundings, home to several kinds of birds and plants

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My Son, located 50 km from Hoi An, was an imperial city during the Cham dynasty between the 4th and 12th centuries. My Son sanctuary is a large complex of religious relics that comprises of more than 70 architectural works. They include temples and towers that connect to each other with intricate red brick designs. The main component of the Cham architectural design is the tower built to reflect the divinity of the King.

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