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Northern Vietnam is the traditional homeland of the ethnic Vietnamese. It is the place where cultural values were maintained for ages. If ancient Hanoi is regarded as home of this region, its’ popular sightseeing places such as Ha Long Bay and Mai Chau are fantastic destinations for tourists. 

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General information about the country: history, war time, tradition, culture, natural landscape, colonial legacy, religious signification... Humanity and social aspect, Vietnam’s Natural & Cultural world Heritage sites, Impacts of human activities on the environment, Experience truly local people’s daily life in the city by visiting their home, trying farm work and daily life activities

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Attracted by breathtaking bays, stunning rice terraces and spectacular scenery spots, Northern Vietnam makes any tourist unforgettable impressions about the oldest region of the country.

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Northern Vietnam is the oldest region of the country of the peninsula in Southeast Asia, where the Vietnamese culture originated over 2,000 years ago. Every destination in there brings you incredible experience.

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